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Product Details

Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1 is a finger touch sensitive interactive whiteboard that offers flexible collaboration and is a great learning tool which turns every meeting or brainstorming session into a dynamic one. It has an active area surface of 79″ which is quite durable and requires additional workspace where group work can comfortably be done on it. FX-79E1 comes with a steel surface and an improved bracket design which makes the board very light in weight and therefore adds to the convenience of mounting it on a wall.

Hitachi FX-79E1 with the aid of finger driven features and multi-touch gesture capabilities can now add class notes, sketches, export notes to different file format and import Microsoft office files. In fact post lesson production is a snap as this board will give you direct access to the internet and variety of digital links. You can easily save and distribute a presentation or session by posting to a server or online, emailing or printing. Hitachi FX-79E1 supports Remote Conferencing feature that would turn every lesson and conference into a dynamic one with practical features that would make teaching and business activities more efficient.

FX-79E1 allows multiple devices to connect to it through USB. The writing surface has also been manufactured with the lowest surface gloss on the market so that images displayed are clear and bright and easy on the eyes. Frequently used function buttons installed on the board makes it very user-friendly.